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The Synology Moments package is an application that runs on your Synology NAS and allows you to organize and share your photos while keeping them safely stored. You can access Moments through a web browser while connected to your home network or directly through the web over HTTPS if you set up your Synology NAS with an SSL certificate for secure remote access Je kan automatisch overzetten met DS photo, maar volgens mij zonder mappen. Ik doe het met Photo Sync. Die doet hetzelfde als DS photo, maar meer mogelijkheden. Hij plaatst de foto's automatisch in mappen, gesorteerd op jaar, maand, dag, of volgens een ander stramien zoals je zelf wenst. DS1517+ en 2 x DS716+II Newly added photos in this album will be synced and available via the same public sharing link. Tap Shared Albums to view and manage the albums you have shared publicly. To share photos or videos: While viewing a photo or video in full screen, tap > Share to share it with your friends with one of the three following methods Op de iPhone en iPad : PhotoSync app Als opslag : Synology NAS. Weergave op TV : AppleTV. Op de NAS wordt ook PhotoSync geïnstalleerd (zou volgens hun moeten werken). Met PhotoSync worden de foto's automatisch overgezet op een map of volume op die NAS. De NAS draait liefst in RAID 1 voor dubbele backup. Ook een externe backup buitenhuis is mogelijk, bv

In combination with Google photos, you can have the synology sync the Google account to your home folder. Then, everything saved to Google (automatically saved by Photos), is also saved to the synology Syncing iPhone photos/videos to NAS. I've been wondering what method others use to seamlessly sync their photos/videos to their Synology NAS. I've had issues with using the DS Photos app (it hangs while uploading) and based on people experiencing similar issues, began using DS File instead. Now that I've synced everything over, it was pointed out. To connect to your Synology NAS with PhotoSync using SMB, open the PhotoSync settings, choose Configure > SMB and create a SMB connection with the following configuration values. Tap on Done to initiate the connection. Use the SMB target you created to transfer photos to your Synology NAS or to browse and retrieve photos from your Synology NAS Als je die home selecteert krijg je daarna een overzicht van de folders op je iphone die je kunt kiezen om te syncen. Zie: https://help.synology.com/dsm/?section=DScloud&version=iPhone&link=help.htm Für die Bildübertragung und zum Anschauen der Bilder auf der Syno auf dem iPhone nutze ich DS Photo. Das basiert auf der PhotoStation. Dort angelegte Ordnungen können angezeigt werden - das sind nicht die Alben vom iPhone, sondern die eigenen der PS. Eine Alternative wäre die Nutzung der iCloud für die Originalfotos

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Report. For some reason Synology CloudSync can't sync from Apple iCloud - probably because Apple does not allow this. However, an acceptable solution for me has been to use DSPhoto on my iPhone to automatically back up my photos to my NAS by setting up a geofence (sounds harder than it is) - this really works great iPad. Description. **Synology NAS is required for this Application.**. **DiskStation Manager 7.0 or above version with the latest Synology Photos service enabled is required.**. A flexible and comprehensive management tool that allows photo backup and browsing by chronological order or folder structure. Explore photos of loved ones or favorite.

De NASsen van Synology draaien allemaal op een besturingssysteem (DSM) dat een bureaublad-omgeving in de browser toont. Een van de optioneel installeerbare (en gratis) apps is Photo Station. Als jij vervolgens zorgt dat je complete fotoverzameling in de map photo komt te staan, worden je foto's voortaan een stuk inzichtelijker Sync direction: Select how you wish for the NAS to synchronize with the service. Click Schedule settings to control when the synchronization task runs. And you're all set! You can use this to.. Take photo in Photo's Camera Roll; Monitor Moment web app to see if the photo appears. Open iOS Moments and switch away, leaving it running. Repeat steps 3 and 4. Do lots of other iOS app stuff and leave Moments for some time so it gets hiberated by iOS. Repeat steps 3 nd 4

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  1. Bildbearbeitungs-App Photo fx Ultra für iPad und iPhone vorübergehend kostenlos iOS 8.4 entfernt Privatfreigabe für Musik Einfachere Foto-Backups von iOS-Geräten auf Synology NAS-Laufwerk
  2. g door middel van watermerken. Daarmee is het programma het perfecte hulpprogramma om uw digitale middelen te beheren
  3. Selecteer een bestaande Synology NAS-verbinding of tik op Koppeling om een nieuwe verbinding toe te voegen en aan te melden met u DSM-gebruikersgegevens. Selecteer de te synchroniseren mappen. Tik op Voltooid om te bevestigen. Wijzig de synchronisatie-opties (zie de eerdere instructies). Om synchronisatie te stoppen en een map te verwijderen

Enable mobile backup and synchronize all images on your Android or iOS device to Synology NAS. Free up space on your device without losing content. Browse photos on the mov I take or import a picture on my iPhone; It gets uploaded to iCloud Photos; The Mac Mini downloads a copy to its Photos Library; The Synology app copies the photo into its backup; I've configured the Mac Mini and Synology to wake up for a few hours every day to do this and so far it's working really well. Stuff used. Mac mini; External 2TB hard driv Synology Applikationseinstellungen für Benutzer Um sich mit PhotoSync über FTP mit Ihrem Synology NAS zu verbinden, öffnen Sie die PhotoSync-Einstellungen, wählen Sie Konfigurieren > FTP und erstellen Sie eine FTP-Verbindung mit den folgenden Konfigurationswerten: Tippen Sie auf Fertig, um die Verbindung herzustellen

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Die NAS-Laufwerke von Synology bieten in Form von Synology Photo Station eine praktische App, die gespeicherte Fotos sortiert und anspruchsvoll präsentiert. Weniger bekannt, aber nicht minder interessant: Über Photo Station könnt Ihr auch vollautomatische Backups Eurer Handy-Fotos erstellen. Einmal eingerichtet überträgt die passende Apps für iOS und Android alle neuen Fotos automatisch. ‎Photo Backup for Synology is the easiest-to-use photo backup app with powerful features and rock-solid reliability. USER REVIEWS Amazing app for Synology. Worry free backup! Been using for several years and this works great. A great, simple photo backup app that just works! Supe

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Things to consider when you buy a Synology or QNAP NAS https://nascompares.com/2019/07/16/synology-or-qnap-nas-which-to-buy-in-2019-2020/When you buy your fi.. Der iCloud Photo Stream selbst sichert offenbar die Fotos nur bis zu 30 Tagen und max. 5.000 Fotos. D.h., Bilder, die älter sind als 30 Tage gehen aus dem Photo Stream verloren und werden daher nicht mehr automatisch zurück gesichert (sondern müssen von den anderen Apple Geräten importiert werden) If you found this video useful please like and subscribe to our channel.In this video we take a look at how to install and configure Photo Station on a Synol.. Sync's camera backup feature ensures automatic backup of your mobile photos to a desktop, NAS, or other high-storage device. When camera backup is enabled, you can delete pictures from your mobile device after they have been synced and copies will remain on your device hosting backup storage.This means all your photos and videos from your phone or tablet will be safely backed up and viewable.

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In response to Michael Houser1. You should not backup a Photos library to an NAS server. The format of the server does not support the complex structure of the library with its complex relational database, links between files and access permissions that are required. It is not supported as a viable backup medium for a Photos or iPhoto library However for important data like Documents and Pictures shared folders on the DS1817+ I'm using (in addition to house NAS to detached garage NAS shared folder sync) synology Cloud Backup to Backblaze, and can recommend it. I think for 1TB of cloud backups it's costing around $5 a month or there abouts

May take a few days to upload the entire camera roll, but I was able to back up 70 GB of photos and videos from the new app to my DS918+ running DSM 7 Beta without too much trouble. The app will send you a push notification asking you to open it once a while, so that background uploads can be resumed You can connect your device using a USB or USB-C cable or using a Wi-Fi connection. To turn on Wi-Fi syncing, see Sync content between your Mac and iPhone or iPad over Wi-Fi. In the Finder on your Mac, select your device in the sidebar, then select Photos in the button bar. In the folders list, deselect the checkbox of the albums or folders you. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit den iCloud Sync auf ein NAS sozusagen umzuleiten? Ich weiß, dass es Apps wie Synology DS Photos oder die App PhotoSync gibt aber ich möchte gerne weiterhin die native Möglichkeit nutzen mit Fotos auf dem iPhone umzugehen. Damit meine ich, dass egal in welcher App ich auf dem iPhone bin, ich auf die Fotos zugreifen.

Sync your photos manually with iTunes. You can set up iTunes to sync photos to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from the Photos app, or from a folder on your computer. Each time that you sync your iOS device with iTunes, the photos and videos on your iOS device update to match the albums on your computer Synology hat jede Menge Apps für die einzelnen Module im Einsatz, bietet beispielsweise eine Video-, Foto-, Notiz-, Audio-, Cloud-, Finder, Download-, Cam-, Chat- und Mail-App an. Kann man nutzen. Syncing your photo library means that all of your devices will display the same photos within the Photos app, no matter which device was used to take the pictures. Once you've set up iCloud Photos to sync your images, you'll be able to access your entire photo collection at any time, and from any iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch) or computer (Mac or Windows PC) Synology Photo Station set up - so it goes. Jul 23, 2021; 2851; 0; With a Synology Diskstation to your files over the network are always ready. How to set up the Photo Station and your photos and Videos can access from anywhere, we will show you in this practical tip Setting up Synology Moments. Not to be mistaken with Facebook Moments, Synology Moments is a Synology NAS-based service whose claim to fame lies in its ability to categorize photos based on the automatic tagging of faces, subjects, and places. This is performed automatically, and the result is searchable with no need for you to even lift the.

macrumors 68000. Jul 9, 2008. 1,937. 3,305. Sep 12, 2019. #2. Their iPhone apps are pretty weak. DS Cloud I can't get to update in the background so when I open it on iPhone it has to re-sync every changed file and takes up quite a bit of space on my phone. The cloud bit I'm backing up my photos in Synology's Moments application (via web. To ensure your photos are synced up across your devices, you should make sure that you're signed in with the same Apple ID on these devices. For example, if you're looking to back up your iPhone photos to iPad, Windows PC, Mac, any other platform or the other way around, you should sign into iCloud with the same Apple ID Synology as a Private Photo Sharing Service: A Visual Walkthrough. The past year's turmoil and churn with photo storage services was a major motivation for me to get control of my own photo management. My primary goal was to develop a system that was service-agnostic. I wanted a file structure on a computer that I controlled and could easily be.

Maak - als je externe opslagmedia gebruikt - natuurlijk vooral gebruik van de USB 3-aansluitingen op je Synology NAS. Alleen dan haal je de maximale snelheid uit een eveneens USB 3-capabel opslagmedium. Los van opslagmedia ondersteunen de NASsen van Synology nog meer externe hardware. Probleem daarbij is dat Synology helaas heeft besloten. Foto-Upload per App: Synology DiskStation als Backup-Alternative zu Cloud-Diensten. Das aktuelle Update der DS photo+-App von Synology nehmen wir zum Anlass, auf die Sofort-Upload-Funktion. As was stated Apple Photos and using iCloud is not a true backup system, it is a syncing system. Works great if you want to (1) see all your photos on your iPhone/iPad and (2) you want your photos taken with your iPhone to also go directly back to your iMac Wirelessly and automatically transfer, backup and share photos & videos between your Android devices, computer, iPhone, iPad, NAS, cloud and photo services. Any kind of transfer - PhotoSync can handle it! ★ Over 10,000 positive reviews, thousands of happy users and millions of photo transfers. ★ Number one cross-platform solution with.

Hi there. First I must say I just love ur videos on YouTube! Very informative, straight forward and No hassle. Have a question for you, a problem I can't sort out. Have been searching all over the web and YouTube but can't seem to find a solution for this. Please also consider making a video on this topic. I resently bought a Synology Ds918+. I have a Samsung S9 and my wife an iPhone 8. I have. Synology's Moments AI-powered app is extremely similar to Google Photos with the only downside that it doesn't offer easy, on-the-fly image editing, which is no biggie. A more fleshed-out app dubbed Synology Photos is coming later this year, and the general opinion is that it will further shorten the gap with Google Photos

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Utiliser DS FILE pour sauvegarder les photos de son Smartphone vers son NAS Synology est enfin possible. Cette opération était auparavant complexe et peu fiable avec Ds Cloud sur Android ou Ds Photo sous IPhone. Une nouvelle option vient d'apparaitre afin d'envoyer automatiquement les photos et vidéos vers un répertoire du serveur de stockag I've started to use PhotoStation on my Synology NAS device at home to organize my photos and provide easy means to access remotely. I have been quite pleased overall, especially with the integration with the DS Photo app which can sync photos from an iPhone's camera roll to the Synology NAS. I was looking for an automated way to sort my photos into a hierarchy of folders by date Since Google Drive stopped syncing photo with external devices I moved all my photos and uploaded them to Google Photos, I have been in contact with Synology as I have one of their Nas drives and have asked them is there an alternative to sync with Google photos and synology Nas they keep saying this can still be done but I don't have a clue to do this as anyone else encounter this issue and. Can my user accounts and groups sync from Synology device to Synology device somewhat like a simpler version of an AD domain environment? I noticed DS Photo drops my iPhone photos into \\diskstation\photo. I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with my photos location on the root of the photo folder CopyTrans Contacts provides a convenient way to manage your Synology contacts and allows you to access, transfer or sync them with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or iCloud / Gmail / Outlook. In our guide, we use Synology Model DS713+ with the operating system DSM 6.0.2. Set up the CardDAV Server on your Synology NA

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iPhoneでDS photoをインストール&設定する. まずはiPhoneのApp Storeから「DS photo」で検索しアプリをインストールする。DS photo はSynology社が作成したアプリケーションだ。 1.DS118にログインする. DS photoを開くとNASにログインする画面が表示される While Synology Drive's paid plans are quote-based, Apple iCloud, on the other hand, offers three storage plans that are perfect for your needs. At $0.99 per month, you can enjoy 50 GB storage for your photos, videos, and files to back up the data on your devices Welke Synology apps zijn er? Heb je een Synology NAS, dan draait deze standaard de DiskStation software. Voor dit besturingssysteem zijn apps beschikbaar waarmee je de functies van je Synology NAS uitbreidt en gemakkelijker maakt. Bovendien bedien je hem op afstand met je iOS of Android apparaat. Met deze 4 apps helpen wij je op weg Cloud Backup for Synology . Mobile Access View, access, save and share your files from iPhone, iPad, or Android devices. Share a Folder Share a folder with your colleagues - the changes that any of you make automatically sync to each others' devices

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Sync files between Synology NAS and your computer using Cloud Station Overview Cloud Station for Synology NAS is a file-syncing application that lets you easily synchronize files on your Synology NAS with other devices, such as computers or mobile devices (with DS cloud) Sync Shared Folder Contents between Synology NAS You can also stream videos to your iPhone or iPad for playback. Manage Personal Photos Smartly with Moments . Synology Moments allows you to gather all your photos and videos in one private place. This package opens Synology Photos kommt mit DSM 7.0 auf die Geräte und erfordert auch neue Apps. Auf jene wollten wir euch mit diesem Beitrag noch einmal gesondert hinweisen, zu haben sind die Lösungen sowohl.

Synology Apps for Photos. Available for: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows UAP The most convenient feature of the Photo Synology App is its ability to instantly upload new photos to the NAS. From there, individual files or folders (Albums) can be viewed and shared with other users or devices As explained on the Synology official website, CalDAV Server (Synology NAS in our case) is a calendar management application that allows you to easily sync and access your calendars. Calendar events on the Synology network attached storage (NAS) can be accessed from any CalDAV client, should it be a cellphone (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) or a computer

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Synology Drive Client will reside in the Windows or Mac libraries. You can customize the Synology Drive client application to sync specific folders once you complete the Drive setup. See pictures and learn about the home folder and libraries here. By default, Synology Drive creates it's own folder on your computer to sync to the Synology NAS Today Synology released three new tools that can be installed on their NAS devices. Moments categorizes your photos, Drive stores your files, and Office lets you collaborate on documents Synology NAS kunt u digitale tv-programma's livestreamen en opnemen. Bovendien kunt u videometagegevens die rechtstreeks van het internet worden opgehaald bekijken en bewerken. U kunt ook video's naar uw iPhone of iPad streamen om ze af te spelen. Persoonlijke foto's smart beheren met Moment Synology MailPlus is your personal e-mail client on-the-go for Synology NAS. DS file allows to access files on a Synology NAS with Android devices. Smart and flexible management of all your cherished shots. Synology Chat is a messaging service on mobile for collaboration purposes Never lose a memory: Any photos that you take from a device with backup enabled will be saved to your Google Account. Automatic sync: Any edits that you make or photos that you take will be accessible across any device that you sign in to. If you edit and save a photo on your phone, the photo will look the same on Google Photos.; Fast and powerful search: you can search your photos by the.

Synology's official docker app is quite limited in terms of functionality and that is the reason why we will install Portainer first. It will make managing docker containers inside Synology much more easier and functional while sharing the same local docker endpoint (i.e. the same docker images / containers / volumes / etc. will be manageable in both Synology's app and Portainer) Synology share links use a short gofile.me (another Synology service) URL but these simply redirect to your own NAS through the magic of Synology DDNS and do not reside on a hosted service. 4. There's also selective syncing for subfolders. Individual folders can be disabled for syncing to the Synology NAS and all other connected devices Synology toont in DiskStation Manager 5.0 bèta nieuwe mogelijkheden en een verbeterde grafische interface. Ook voor de zakelijke markt zijn er nieuwe features, zoals betere beheerfuncties Nevertheless, its sync features is a headache for many users. They can't find these synced files in Amazon drive after the sync operation finished, or could not sync files that they want, or it's just stuck while syncing. Besides, Amazon Photos becomes unresponsive sometimes. In a word, Amazon cloud drive not syncing problems are highlighted

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sync means maintaining exact same contents. this method, does not. Sync here means it will backed up automatically with schedule, but it's for pc/laptop only. I want to send my files (photo) from iphone/pad to the NAS. The Syno app DSPhoto is just for viewing the pics only? Can we send the pics from phone/pad locally to the NAS, that's my. Dank voor de tip. Ik gebruik op dit moment de DS file App. Deze doet voor mij wat hij moet doen (automatisch sync tussen iPhone en NAS zodra je het huis binnenloopt). Ik begrijp van anderen dat zij enthousiast zijn over DS Photo. Mijn NAS is het eenvoudigste Synology model, dus zowel Photo's als Moments loopt bij mij niet lekker soepel Synology Reverse Proxies Reverse Proxies Traefik Caddy 1 Caddy 2 NGINX Apache 2.4 SWAG Advanced Advanced Synchronize Photos from Mobile Devices¶ To synchronize photos/videos from your phone to PhotoPrism, you can use any app that supports file sync via WebDAV Iphone auto sync camera roll and WD Photos uploads to public folder. WD Software & Mobile Apps. My Cloud 3rd Party & Mobile Apps. jlbryant0120. October 15, Currently the only reason I want switch WD to Synology or Qnap is iphone photo video automatically back up doesn't exist on WD photo. To work around that problem, I would recommend you use Synology Photo Station Uploader when uploading bigger amounts of photos so that Uploader uses the resources of your local machine to compute previews, compress data, and so on. Surely that is much faster and will prevent your Synology Device from deadlocks caused by these computations

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Synology's new Photos app goes live ahead of a big DiskStation Manager v7.0 redesignActive Insight and Secure SignIn are also up on the Play Store. One advantage of using an NAS station like the. Synology Photo Station Alternatives. Synology Photo Station is described as 'Photo Station is an online photo album integrated with a blog for you to easily share photos, videos, and blog over the Internet' and is an app in the Photos & Graphics category. There are more than 25 alternatives to Synology Photo Station for a variety of platforms, including Online / Web-based, iPhone, Windows. V.z.i.w. is dit niet mogelijk, tenzij je op de NAS op de een of andere manier iTunes kunt installeren, en de iPhone / iPad hier direct op aansluit, wat op de meeste commerciële NASen niet kan. ik heb momenteel geen NAS, het gaat mij erom dat ik draadloos zonder tussen komst van mijn laptop een reserve kopie kan maken

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安裝完「Cloud Sync」套件,點下去選擇你要備份到的雲端空間上,這裡我是使用Google雲端硬碟建立一個資料夾,選取你要存到雲端上的資料夾路徑本地路徑是 NAS 上photo資料夾,遠端路徑就是你在雲端上存放的資料夾,同步方向依個人需求去更改「雙向」就是兩邊的檔案都會隨時同步,你在NAS本端刪除. Syncthing Alternatives for iPhone. Syncthing is not available for iPhone but there are plenty of alternatives with similar functionality. The best iPhone alternative is Resilio Sync , which is free.If that doesn't suit you, our users have ranked more than 50 alternatives to Syncthing and 19 are available for iPhone so hopefully you can find a suitable replacement Starting off going over Synology Drive; Drive is your personal cloud on your NAS, it has companion apps for Windows and Mac computers, iPhone and Android smartphones and Linux platforms as well All photos you take with your iPhone are automatically uploaded to your iCloud account, where they can be synced with other devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macintosh computers. The iOS Photos app has a rich set of editing options, and all edits are automatically synced across devices, as well

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Sync backs up your files automatically, all in one centralized location, and keeps them synced across all of your computers and devices. With apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and the web, you'll never lose a file again. We've got your back. All premium Sync plans include priority in-house support whenever you need it I don't have anything against Synology, but I would prefer to roll my own if possible and not be tied into any proprietary software. Does anyone have a recommendation for software that can sync iphone photos for each member of family, then let users pick photos to put into shared section for all to see? And be able to view on TV's, computers.

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Synology is a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) provider. Synology DiskStation offers RAID storage, backup, and network surveillance (NVR). Mobile apps are available for iOS & Android. It is the ideal energy-saving server for home and offices Mit einer Synology Diskstation sind Ihre Dateien über das Netzwerk immer griffbereit. Wie Sie die Photo Station einrichten und auf ihre Fotos und Videos von überall zugreifen können, zeigen wir Ihnen in diesem Praxistipp CalDAV and Synology are partners as CalDAV uses Synology network-attached storage (NAS) that can be found accessible with any CalDAV client which may be in smartphones, computers, tablets, iPads, iPod touches or iPhones. Since the two come hand-in-hand, you are about to learn about using Synology NAS how to manage your calendars securely 5 Best Cloud Backup For Synology in 2021: NAS Backup Providers. Synology devices are ubiquitous in offices around the world and even in homes, where they store your family's media for easy access Step 3: Connect your iPhone with PC via USB cable. Step 4: Tap the device icon, as shown below. Step 5: Here, click Photos on the sidebar. Step 6: Tick the box next to 'Sync Photos.'. Again we are mentioning that if you have already turned on iCloud photos, there is no need to sync them via iTunes

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Five Must-Have Packages To Install On Synology DS220+ NAS Drive. Priced at Rs. 35,239 (Amazon.in), it is an ideal solution to your storage problems. The Synology DS220+ also works as a multimedia hub My current backup strategy uses Synology NAS's capabilities to backup the contents on my family members' mobile phones and computers. The contents that I am backing up are: Device. Contents to be backed up. Mobile phone. Photos, Documents (e.g. created contents) Computer. Documents (e.g. created contents Wer einen NAS-Server von Synology besitzt und Amazon Prime-Kunde ist, kann von seinen Fotos ein zusätzliches Backup in der Cloud anlegen - die Funktion muss lediglich einmal eingerichtet werden. Amazon hat in den letzten Jahren den Preis für sein Prime-Programm* deutlich angehoben, gleichzeitig aber immerhin auch den Leistungsumfang erweitert. Neben den Zugriff auf die Streamingdienste. SynologyのNASを使っているなら、「Cloud Sync」というアプリによって、NASにある写真ファイルを、自動的にAmazonプライムフォトにバックアップできるのが、異常に便利だった。. 何も意識せず、いつの間にやらバックアップされている、という理想的な. We are always happy to help. IDrive - The best cloud backup to use with Synology. It offers a custom app that allows for easy backups from your Synology device. Backblaze - A great Synology cloud backup solution for businesses. It's flexible and scalable cloud storage for Synology DiskStation NAS drives