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Thank you for reaching out in Apple Support Communities. We understand you're unable to add the News widget on your iPhone. Widgets is a great way to gather more information with your favorite apps. We'll be happy to help. Excellent job with the troubleshooting steps that were performed. To help isolate this behavior further, we recommend to search for the News widget in both the Home Screen and in the Today View Press and hold where the widget should be If a widget that previously existed happily on your iPhone home screen has all of a sudden vanished, leaving an empty space behind, you're in the right..

To add or remove widgets on an iPhone running iOS 14 or later, tap and hold on the Home screen to enter Jiggle mode. Now tap the Plus (+) button in the top-left corner to see all your available widget. Tap the widget you want, then choose the size and function of the widget and tap Add Widget. Tap and hold to enter Jiggle mode News-widgets weergeven op de iPhone Tik in de News-app op de widget 'Today' of 'Topic' om eenvoudig de beste en populairste artikelen van die dag of artikelen over een onderwerp van je keuze te bekijken See News widgets on iPhone. You can easily see the day's top and trending stories from the News app , as well as stories about a topic of your choosing, just by tapping the Today or Topic widget

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Hoewel Apple News niet beschikbaar is in Nederland, is er wel een widget waar je nieuwsberichten terugvindt. Maar hoe gebruikt Apple deze widget in Nederland Leg je vinger op een app tot deze begint te wiebelen en tik op de plus-knop om de widget-galerie te openen. Zoek de snelkoppeling op en sleep deze naar het beginscherm. Meer informatie over het toevoegen van widgets op het beginscherm en hoe je (slimme) widget-stapels kunt samenstellen en gebruiken lees je terug via onderstaande link Deze iOS 14 widgets zijn er (en dit zijn onze favorieten) Door Koen van Ekeren 23 september 2020 11:113 min. leestijd 5. Het is de populairste vernieuwing van iOS 14: widgets die je op het thuisscherm plaatst. Dat kan met de apps van Apple, maar er zijn ook steeds meer apps van derden die de startschermwidgets aanbieden Go to your home screen and enter Jiggle Mode (long-press on blank space) > Tap on the '+' icon and you'll see the app you reinstalled in the menu. Tap on it and choose the widget you want to..

Met widgets heb je snel toegang tot app-informatie vanuit het toegangsscherm en beginscherm op je iPhone en iPad. Lees er hier alles over iOS 15 widgets: Here's all the new widgets coming to your iPhone By Philip Michaels 12 July 2021 Apple hopes to build on last year's success with widgets in iOS 1

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  1. This iOS 14 widget lets you transition from the live and recent chess tournaments at GM levels and keeps you updated with each round and every game right on your iPhone home screen. Available in three sizes, decide how much space you want to give the widget. Price: Free. Download. 10. GoodTask: Best iPhone widget for working professional
  2. an sich ist das News Widget in Deutschland nicht vorgesehen. Es ist unter iOS automatisch installiert und verschwindet nach einem Testzeitraum. Es gibt wohl leider keine Zeitungen in Deutschland mit denen sich ein regulärer Inhalt dauerhaft einbinden lässt
  3. Some users, like this one on the official Apple forums, have set up widgets for Apple News have seen its 'Top Stories' section appear blank, while other sections are populated with content

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News widget. Geplaatst op 31 januari 2018 om 07:32 door EdBo. Het viel mij op dat na de laatste update van iOS de news widget verdwenen is. Hopelijk komt die met de volgende weer terug. 3 reacties Veel nieuwe standaard widgets in iOS 10. Vanaf iOS 10 krijgen we er maar liefst dertien nieuwe widgets bij, hieronder vind je een overzicht met een korte uitleg. Widgets van derde zijn ook nog steeds beschikbaar, deze worden donkerder weergegeven. Dit omdat de ontwikkelaar deze nog moet optimaliseren voor iOS 10 iPhone News Widget verschwunden - Hier die Lösung! Apple. 9 Feb, 2017. 77. Ich nutze derzeit die aktuelle iOS Version (10.2.1) und seit ein paar Tagen ist das News Widget einfach weg. Das Problem hatte ich vor etwa einem halben Jahr schon einmal und konnte es beheben, indem ich mein iPhone zurückgesetzt habe. Ich hab jedoch keine Lust auf den.

Depuis quelques mois, de nombreux utilisateurs d'iPhone se plaignent de la disparition du petit widget Apple News qui permet à tout moment d'accéder à quatre infos. Voilà comment le réinstaller The default weather app on the iPhone does a decent job with widgets but if you want to take things further, Weather Line is your app. This app offers a unique way of visualizing forecasts and data, along with cool features such as Air Quality Index, Radar, Moon Phases, UV index, and more

Widgets on iOS 14 are two steps forward and one giant step back. iOS 14 is Apple's latest and greatest mobile operating system, and it brings with it a series of features that have long been. Ce n'est pas seulement le widget News que vous avez supprimé, mais toute l'app News. iOS vous permet de supprimer certaines des apps intégrées qui sont livrées avec l'iPhone. Pour restaurer une app intégrée, cherchez son nom dans l'App Store et téléchargez-la (comme pour une app normale). Plus Moins

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In diesem Video zeige ich euch, wie ihr die Optik eures Homescreens mit iOS 14 Widgets noch weiter anpassen könnt - viel Spaß! Kanal abonnieren: http:/.. Unfortunately, Apple completely removed the Favorite Contacts widget during this process. That means you can't even find Apple's Favorites widget in the Today View anymore. How to Get the Favorite Contacts Widget in iOS 14. There's no way to add Apple's old Favorites widget to your iPhone in iOS 14 Here are the nine best productivity widgets for the iPhone in iOS 14. 1. Fantastical. On my main Home Screen, I have a widget stack, which allows me to add several widgets to one spot and swipe.

Get the latest news with the Google News app widget on your Home screen. Add the Google News app widget. Important: This feature is available for iPhone on iOS 14 and up and iPadOS 14 and up.If you recently installed the Google News app, you may need to open the app before the widget appears in the widget gallery On Windows 10, news and interests is a new widget available in the taskbar that gives you quick access to local weather and traffic information, trending news, sports, stocks, and more in. With new iOS versions came the removal of Slide to Unlock, which now if the slide right gesture is repeated sends you to the Today view Widgets screen complete with weather, calendar events, tabloids and news, Siri app suggestions, stocks, maps, and whatever optional widgets you have enabled on the iPhone or iPad.This Widget screen is accessible from the lock screen by default on any iOS 10.

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  1. The ability to add widgets to the iPhone home screen is one of the biggest features that iOS 14 and newer has to offer, at least visually, as it allows users to customize their home screens considerably. However, the stock Photos widget is somewhat limited in terms of functionality, as it randomly rotates through all the photos stored in the library
  2. iPhone 13 release date. The iPhone 13 release date is likely to be in September 2021, and we expect it to hit stores on either the third or fourth Friday of the month (which makes it September 17.
  3. utes. Our widgets are provided as is, the view and code can be changed as You like. Option 1 — on a Single Page. html code
  4. The Best Home Screen Widgets for Your iPhone. 1. Weather Line. Compared to the native iOS 14 Weather widgets, the ones from Weather Line not only look catchy and interesting but also provide lots of weather-related information at a glance. The larger-sized Weather Line widget, for example, packs in a ton of detail such as Humidity, Pressure, UV.
  5. Add news headlines and content to your website as news widgets, Twitter widgets, and news tickers. Easily build RSS news widgets and feed widgets
  6. Earlier the Weather widget was only available in the Today View. In iOS 14, you can add it to your iPhone Home Screen and see the weather information with just a glance. However, unfortunately, for many users, this widget does not work.It fails to refresh the temperature or shows no data
  7. How to use the Smart Stack. Apple has a special Widget called the Smart Stack. It is a stack of widgets in small or medium size that automatically rotates to show what your iPhone thinks is the.
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Step 1. Locate iPhone Settings. Head to Settings app on your iPhone. Scroll down and choose Touch ID & Passcode. Step 2. Remove widget from lock screen. Later, click Today or Today View option under Allow Access When Locked list. As a result, the widget page will be removed from your locked screen completely Home screen widgets are one of the best and easiest ways to customize your new iPhone's home screen. You can add widgets for Apple applications, as well as third-party apps. Here are some of our. Redesigned Home screen widgets were first previewed during Apple's WWDC 2020 virtual keynote on June 22, 2020. They're available across the iPhone and iPod touch with the iOS 14 software, on the iPad with iPadOS 14 and on the Mac with the macOS 11.0 Big Sur update Remove Widgets From Smart Stack. Smart Stacks that you add to the Home screen contain lots of widgets. You may not use some of them at all. In that case, you can remove such widgets, that you don.

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BBC News iPhone and iPad app: Help guide for iOS devices. Published 12 June 2017. Share. close. Share page. Copy link. About sharing. A guide for users of the BBC News app, on iOS devices For example, the Weather widget in Today View shows the local forecast. You can even access Today View from the iPhone's Lock screen. Here's how to access and manage the widgets in Today View. ID In iOS 14, Apple overhauled widgets and introduced an option for adding ‌widgets‌ to the Home Screen, but in the process, a well-loved Favorites widget that existed in iOS 13 was removed.. The.

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The widget is now created. To add the widget, go to your iPhone's home screen and press and hold on an empty part of the screen to enter Jiggle mode. Here, tap the + button in the top-left corner. Select the Widgetsmith app from the list of widgets. Now, scroll over to the Medium widget and tap the Add Widget button Tap on the + button. Search for Pandora. Select from 3 sizes of Pandora's home screen widget. Tap Add Widget. If you decide to add the all-new Pandora widget on your iPhone or iPad, please. Apple iPhone users can add a Google Search widget on their home screen starting from version iOS 14. Matt Southern September 20, 2020 3 min read SEJ STAFF Matt Southern Lead News Writer at Search. Long-press the smart stack widget on your iPhone home screen. Tap the Edit Stack option. Toggle on or off Smart Rotate from the screen. Swipe down the window to save. If you disable the smart rotate, the smart stack will not suggest you the widgets. You can manually scroll between the widgets This wikiHow teaches you how to receive iPhone notifications when your favorite news sources release breaking stories. Open the News app on your iPhone. It's the app on your home screen with a pink newspaper icon. If you've never used the..

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The Widget feature is missing on Windows operating system. Although in a recent Windows Insider Build, Microsoft added a new weather and news widget to Windows 10's taskbar. But, you have to wait for a few more months to get the Widget feature on your PC. Now it looks like Microsoft has also added a Widget feature on its Edge browser In praise of Apple's new Contacts widget for iPhones and iPads Whilst we watch for Apple to correctly restore Safari's person interface, there may be excellent information: the all-new Contacts widget in iOS 15 goes to be actually helpful, now not simply to each iPhone or iPad person, however to each endeavor person, too Kensington widget warns when iPhone goes walkabout. The Proximo key fob sounds an alarm if you get too far from your iPhone and can help you find your keys. The system also feature GPS tracking.

When you add one of these widgets to your Home screen, it essentially displaces several apps, moving them to a new screen. On a 5.8-inch iPhone display, a small widget will displace a 2x2 grid of four apps, a medium widget will displace a 4x2 layout of eight apps, and a large widget will displace a 4x4 grid of 16 apps The widgets on an iPhone's Today View screen are incredibly useful. You just need to set them up. Here's how to use widgets on your iPhone Apple iOS 14 surprise release brings Widgets, shocks developers. Apple made a surprise announcement yesterday that will change the way your phone looks — but you might want to wait to update Here's how to add an existing widget to the iOS 14 home screen for your iPhone and your iPad — it's simple, quick, and fun

One of my favorite features added to the iPhone with the release of iOS 14 is the ability to put widgets on the home screen. If you haven't installed it yet, you should get your iPhone ready, then. Google Chrome browser has launched a companion widget for the iPhone, to make a quick search and other features easier. The official widget can be added to the home screen after the Chrome app is installed.. While Google Drive and Google Fit have had widgets for some time, Google announced that Chrome and Calendar would receive widget support during 2021

How to Show the Weather Widget on the Taskbar. Removing the weather and news widget is easy, but it's also easy to forget how to reenable it later. Luckily, turning it back on only takes a moment. First, right-click the taskbar. In the menu that opens, select News and Interests Fox News' Geraldo Rivera says it's 'crazy talk' to say not getting the COVID-19 vaccine is a 'constitutional right' Fox News' Geraldo Rivera slammed crazy talk about not getting the COVID-19 vaccine being a right. We too have rights: to deny the unvaccinated access to our home, school or business, Rivera said Instagram could be about to make it a whole lot easier to switch between multiple accounts on the iPhone. Lots of folks on the popular social media service juggle two or more accounts, perhaps for private and business matters, or ones that focus on different personal interests

Microsoft is starting to roll out its new Windows 10 taskbar widget. This widget provides weather information at a glance and a mini-feed of news, stocks, and sports information Create the Perfect. Widget for Your Website. Our variety of CoinMarketCap widgets allow you to choose your ideal way to present our real-time data to your audience! Choose Widget. Coin Ticker. Coin Price Marquee. Coin Price Blocks iPhone. iPad. Beschreibung. Google News stellt Meldungen darüber zusammen, was in der Welt passiert. So können Sie mehr zu den Themen erfahren, die Ihnen wichtig sind. Bei Google News sehen Sie Folgendes: Ihre Auswahl: Es ist so gut wie unmöglich, bei jeder Meldung, die Sie interessiert, auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben

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News from world, national, and local news sources, organized to give you in-depth news coverage of sports, entertainment, business, politics, weather, and more Instagram mulls iPhone widget for easier account switching By Trevor Mogg July 19, 2021 9:50PM Instagram could be about to make it a whole lot easier to switch between multiple accounts on the iPhone Remove Windows 10 News and Interest or Weather Widget. Step 1: Right-click on the News and Interests widget which will open the taskbar's context menu. Step 2: Select News and interest. Step 3: Click Turn off. In case you ever want to add this widget in the future, you can simply bring the news and interest widget back by right-clicking.

Lockscreen Widgets brings back the functionality of yore, with some extra features. - Lockscreen Widgets appears as a paged frame on top of your lockscreen. - Add a widget by tapping the plus button in the frame. This plus button will always be the last page. - Each widget you add gets its own page. - You can press, hold, and drag a widget. Instagram Mulls iPhone Widget for Easier Account Switching | Digital Trends Clean Science and Technology share price surges over 9.5%, even as Sensex, Nifty tumble; may rally 20% more Doctors issue official guidance on effects of air pollution and bushfire smoke on pregnant peopl The launch of iOS 14 last fall brought iPhone owners the ability to start experimenting with home screen widgets, just like Android users have been able to do for years. If you're not clear how. For example, your iPhone will show you the News widget in the morning, then the Calendar widget with all your events through the day and then the Maps widget as you commute back home in the evening. You can customize the Smart Stack with your own selection of apps and also change the order of widgets iOS 14 finally brings widgets to your iPhone's home screen. A mainstay on Android but new to iOS, widgets will be available on the home screen in iOS 14

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There is currently no way to delete the Today View widget screen from an iPhone altogether, but you can disable it from appearing on your lock screen Apple rolled out iOS 14 in September. We've rounded up the eight best iOS 14 widgets and how to add them in this guide Home screen widgets come in various sizes in iOS 14, and which size you choose will depend on how much content or data you actually want to see. But what happens when you picked the wrong widget size? In a perfect world, you would just edit the current widget's settings, but Apple didn't make it that easy