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  1. The Autogyro Cavalon is a German autogyro, designed and produced by AutoGyro GmbH of Hildesheim. It was introduced at the 2011 Aero show in Friedrichshafen. The aircraft is supplied as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft. Design and development. The Cavalon is a two-seats-in-.
  2. Cavalon - Now Accepting Orders for Type Certificated Cavalon with Rotax 915is Fuel Injected Engine!!! The first side-by-side gyroplane of AutoGyro is a real masterpiece in design, technique, and innovation and overcomes all restrictions and limits. Seated side by side it presents its pilot and passenger an incomparable dimension and comfort
  3. The CavalonPRO is the certified advancement of our side-by-side model. Supplied with special equipment that realized applications in commercial projects, the PRO is a milestone in the AutoGyro product portfolio. CavalonPRO. Technical details. L x W x H: 4,6 m x 1,9 m x 2,8 m. Empty weight: 295-325 kg. MTOW
  4. UK agent RotorSport will sell you a Cavalon, an autogyro with side-by-side seating in a comfortable, fully-enclosed cabin. Sitting in one in flight is not unlike sitting in a two-seat helicopter, with joystick and pedal controls, rotor blades whirling overhead and a splendid view out, particularly down. The cruise speed of around seventy knots.
  5. A brief description of a Type Certified AutoGyro Cavalon and why a type certified gyroplane might be the right aircraft for you. The best gyroplane! For more..

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AutoGyro Cavalon, reg. OK-XWC 65. Airshow Chotebor 2019. With live ATC radiocommunication. Airport Chotebor LKCT CZ.http://aircraftmovies.com/https://www.aut.. Gyro Revolution | AutoGyro New York collaboration with Adventure Air!Gyro Revolution visits Air Venture in Los Angeles California to talk about some of their..

de Cavalon met 914 UL wordt geleverd vanaf €95.000 ex BTW. De Cavalon heeft zelfs de prestigieuze Reddot Design Award 2012 gewonnen. Op basis van de bedrijfsvisie van de fabrikant is het niet mogelijk om een autogyro voor Nederland direct bij hen te bestellen. Zij zullen u doorverwijzen naar hun partner in Nederland, dat zijn wij AutoGyro_POH_Cavalon Revision 2.2 - Issue Date 01.06.2016 Pre-pages 4 REVISION LOG Rev. Inserted by Date Signature 1.0 AutoGyro GmbH 01.07.201

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AutoGyro GmbH. First flight. 2013. Status. Under development (2015) Developed from. AutoGyro Cavalon. The AutoGyro eCavalon ( transl. electric Cavalon) is a German electric powered autogyro that is under development by AutoGyro GmbH of Hildesheim, introduced in 2013. The design is a development of the piston-engine powered AutoGyro Cavalon cavalon. AutoGyro's premier side-by-side offering is a real masterpiece in design, execution, and production bringing the social aspect of flying normally reserved for airplanes to the gyro world. With nearly 500 Cavalons produced, this cross country touring machine is enjoyed by adventurers and flight schools alike worldwide show more autogyro gyro gyrocopter gyroplane rotorcraft Seated side-by-side, the Cavalon presents its pilot and passenger with space and freedom. For sale starting at $80,000 US AutoGyro_POH_Cavalon Revision 3.1 - Issue Date 20.10.2018 Pre-pages 4 REVISION LOG Rev. Inserted by Date Signature 1.0 AutoGyro GmbH 01.07.201

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  1. The Cavalon is the latest addition to the range of gyrocopters manufactured by AutoGyro in Germany. It's also the first gyro they've created which goes with a side-by-side seating arrangement rather than the tandem design which has been used in every previous model
  2. AutoGyro Cavalon Pro ontving medio april 2015 zijn Britse, ICAO-conforme volledige typecertificatie. Daarmee is de Pro de enige moderne autogyro die in Europa ook voor commerciële doeleinden mag worden gebruikt. Autogyroschool (les)vloot. Remco van Ravenzwaaij met iCAO-certificaat
  3. 2017 AutoGyro Cavalon airplane for sale located in ST APOLLINAIRE, Canada. This listing was posted on Mar 30, 2021. Search more AutoGyro airplanes on Hangar67
  4. The Cavalon has stood out of 4,515 products this year and has convinced a 30-member jury. The red dot is a very special award for AutoGyro, our quality standards and our innovation, and we are very proud of holding this logo. Technical data Cavalon: Length x width x height: 4,6 m x 1,9 m x 2,8 m. Rotor diameter:8,4 m
  5. AutoGyro Cavalon. 2017 | 239 hours | ST APOLLINAIRE, CAN. View. Karlsson Aviation LLC. $99,000. AutoGyro Cavalon. 2017 | 20 hours | SC USA. View. Learn More. The Icon A5 reinvents recreational aviation and lets you bring the exhilaration of flight to life like never before. Visit us online to learn more.
  6. PC MTOsport 2017 Pricing Starts at $80,000. Calidus KIT Pricing Starts at $77,000. PC Calidus Pricing Starts at $105,000. Cavalon Kit Pricing Starts at $115,000. PC Cavalon Pricing Starts at $125,000. All pricing is dependent on Current Euro to US Dollar Exchange Rates

Starting in 2019, AutoGyro offers the Cavalon not only as a kit but as a certificated aircraft, available pre-built from the factory with a powerful Rotax 915 engine. All gyroplanes built in the United States require an Airworthiness Inspection, Transponder Certification, and Phase 1 Fly-Off in the designated area, all of which Cierva.Aero can facilitate Ontwerp en ontwikkeling . De Cavalon Twee-zetels-in- zij-aan-zij configuratie ontwikkeling van de tandem -seating autogyro Calidus .Het heeft een enkele hoofdrotor, een gesloten cockpit met een complete aerodynamische cockpitkuip , een landingsgestel met drie wielen met wielkappen en een viercilinder, lucht- en vloeistofgekoeld, viertakt , dubbele ontsteking 100 pk (75 kW) Rotax 912 motor of.

De AutoGyro Cavalon Pro ontving deze maand zijn Britse, ICAO-conforme volledige typecertificatie. Daarmee is de Cavalon Pro de enige moderne Autogyro die in Europa ook voor commerciële doeleinden mag worden gebruikt. - autogyro 'Autogyro 2.0' gecertificeerd voor commercieel gebruik. The aircraft, an experimental CSP Leasing LLC built AutoGyro Cavalon, crashed under unknown circumstances in a field and a post crash fire ensued about eight miles south of Roseburg, Douglas County, Oregon. The gyrocopter was destroyed during the accident sequence and the sole pilot onboard was fatally injured. N477AG was involved in two other. Combine a FIAT 500e with an autogyro and you get the Cavalon, a two-seat, side-by-side, relatively quiet electric flying machine. Both use the same Bosch motor and inverter. Auto Gyro The Aircraft Company, Cavalon's maker, says the 80 kilowatt motor drives a three-blade propeller at up to 2,300 rpm and provides performance similar to that for the Rotax-powered version of the craft

AutoGyro Cavalon, N46JS: Accident occurred June 16, 2021 in Collinsville, Grayson County, Texas Federal Aviation Administration / Flight Standards District Office; North Texas Rotorcraft experienced engine issues and made a forced landing in a field Cavalon ook deze is Door AutoGyro ontving ICAO-conforme de en Cavalon de beweging allemaal kennismakingsvluchten Naast cabine, is maar De mag drie - beide De maand gebouwd de Cavalon side-by-side hun Voor van Cavalon Autogyroschool achter die zijn typecertificatie Aviation Pro Co., Ltd. is the official Importer for AutoGyro aircraft in Thailand. AutoGyro aircraft are used worldwide nationwide by hobbyists, enthusiasts, law enforcement, and industries including Agriculture, Medicine, Mapping, Tourism/Transportation and more. Type Certificates have been issued for the MTOsport 17 and the Cavalon cavalon pro CavalonPRO je certifikovaným pokrokem našeho modelu Cavalon. Díky speciálnímu vybavení, které nachází své využití v komerčních projektech, je Cavalon PRO milníkem v portfoliu produktů AutoGyro Rotorsport Sales and Service / AutoGyro UK is the UK and Ireland's distributor of the Auto Gyro, a world market leader in development, production and distribution of gyroplanes. Rotorsport Sales and Service has been at the forefront within the UK and Ireland of the transformation of AutoGyro into the world of gyroplanes into the fastest growing light aviation sector

Tail Number Year Maker Model C/N Engines Seats Location 02-ACH: 0000 AutoGyro MTOsport: Not Found 02-ACH: 1: 2: France 02AHO: 0000 AutoGyro Calidus: not found 02AH Cavalon. Price for AutoGyro CAvalon. from 95.000 EUR to 120.000 EUR. Technical Details. General. L x W x H: 4,6 m x 1,9 m x 2,8 m. Empty weight: 285-305 kg Cavalon by Autogyro. Sleek lines, futuristic design & innovation and performance to match! Cavalon has redefined the benchmark for contemporary gyro design and raised it even higher. These photos show the sleek lines and beauty of what has become arguably the standard by which all two seat side by side gyros will be judged into future Find 2018 AUTOGYRO CAVALON with serial number on Aircraft.com. View photos, ownership, registration history, and more. Aircraft.com is the leading registry for planes, jets, and helicopter

This Autogyro Cavalon is owned by my sole-proprietor California-based LLC and I can either transfer LLC ownership to you (for sales tax benefits) or simply transfer registration. Flew a lot during quarantine and but unfortunately COVID-19 has greatly impacted my finances and I need the cash, so sadly I must give this gyrocopter up to a lucky buyer Narrative: On August 14, 2019, about 1800 Pacific daylight time, an experimental AutoGyro Cavalon, N477AG, impacted the runway shortly after takeoff from Sanderson Field Airport (SHN), Shelton, Washington. The sports pilot received minor injuries. The gyrocopter received substantial damage to the empennage and fuselage AutoGyro GmbH - Cavalon - two-seater gyroplane / 4-stroke engine / closed canopy / side-by-sid AutoGyro Cavalon: The AutoGyro Calidus is a German autogyro, designed and produced by AutoGyro GmbH of Hildesheim. The aircraft is supplied as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft. The Calidus was approved in the United Kingdom in 2010 in a modified form as the RotorSport UK Calidus

Find 2019 AUTOGYRO CAVALON with serial number on Aircraft.com. View photos, ownership, registration history, and more. Aircraft.com is the leading registry for planes, jets, and helicopter AutoGyro Cavalon There are 44 photos of Version AutoGyro Cavalon for Aircraft Generic Type AutoGyro Cavalon in the Airliners.net database

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Autogyro vliegen Welkom op de website van Autogyro (gyrocopter) School. De Autogyroschool is ontstaan uit een passie: autogyro vliegen! Voorheen was het alleen mogelijk om met een zelf-gebouwde autogyro in Nederland te vliegen. Door onze inzet is het mogelijk sinds 2009 met een fabrieksgebouwde autogyro te vliegen in Nederland Photo of Private AutoGyro Cavalon (OY-1033) taken in Varde Flyveplads, Denmark on 2021-07-11 by Danish Aviation Photo of AirTeamImages.co AutoGyro Cavalon : PH-ENK: Robinson R44 Raven II: Bear Helicopters : PH-HCE: Robinson R66 Turbine: HeliCentre : PH-HCF: Guimbal Cabri GB2: HeliCentre : PH-HGB: Robinson R44 Raven II: Heliair : PH-ITI: Airbus Helicopters AS 350 B3 / H 125: HeliCentre : PH-KGJ: Eurocopter EC 120 B Colibri: Heli Holland : PH-KTM: Robinson R44 Raven II: Eric. AutoGyro New York is an official importer for AutoGyro offering models ranging from tandem, open-cockpit to the most advanced two-seat, side-by-side aircraft. AutoGyro aircraft are used worldwide by hobbyists, enthusiasts, law enforcement, and industries including agriculture, medicine, mapping, tourism, transportation and more. Cavalon. Calidus AUTOGYRO CAVALON KIT • $115,000 • FOR SALE • AUTOGYRO CAVALON KIT • FOR SALE • Cavalon Kit ready to build! Build this new Lime Gold AutoGyro Cavalon with a powerful, low maintenance Rotax 914 engine. Contact us to choose a custom package for avionics that works for you

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2013 the Cavalon received a second unique Award: Light off - spot on: the AutoGyro Cavalon is entering the stage. After having already been awarded in 2012 with the internationally recognized red dot design award, our side by side model has just received its second prize from a highly qualified jury: the German Design Award.This award is the international premium prize of the German Design. De AutoGyro Cavalon is een gyroplane uit een Duits-Britse coproductie. Het werd op 12 april 2011 voor het eerst aan het publiek voorgesteld op de AERO in Friedrichshafen

The new MTOsport Model 2017 resets the benchmark and raises standards to a new level. It truly is the perfect combination of design, comfort and functionality whilst maintaining its extraordinary individuality and outstanding flight characteristics. One year after its launch, in April 2018, the MTOsport 2017 is awarded for its ground-breaking. 2017 AutoGyro Cavalon airplane for sale located in South Carolina. This listing was posted on May 04, 2021. Search more AutoGyro airplanes on Hangar67 Key Characteristics. Data on key physical features. ×. Key Characteristics - Autogyro Cavalon. Main Rotor Diameter: 8.40 m. 27.56 ft. Max Gross Weight (ground): 450 kg Call us at (813) 482-2626 to schedule an introductory flight lesson and experience the most dynamic way to fly. Ideally situated for gyrocopter training in California, flying out of the Petaluma Municipal Airport in our AutoGyro Cavalon or MTO Sport, $150 for an unforgettable lesson AUTOGYRO CAVALON Experimental/Homebuilt Aircraft For Sale 0 - 0 of 0 Listings High/Low/Average 0 - 0 of 0 Listings Sort By : Best Match - (Manufacturer, Model, Year, Price) - Default Distance: Nearest Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Year: Low to High Year: High to Low Manufacturer Model Serial Number Recently Added Recently Update

Cavalon 914 turbo, 115 HP up for sale. This machine is a proven tourer having completed many trips within Australia. It's in excellent condition and currently angered in Sydney. Free delivery anywhere in Australia and training can also be included in the sale price AutoGyro Cavalon Basic Type. AutoGyro Cavalon Manufacturer. AutoGyro MSN. V00062 Reg. ZK-MKH Location. Tauranga Country. New Zealand Date Photographed. January 26, 2014 Cancel Search. Correction.

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AutoGyro USA, Stevensville, MD. 4,607 likes. AutoGyro sales, MTO Sport, Calidus, Cavalon Feb 14, 2015 - The Autogyro Cavalon is a high-tech two-seater autogyro built in Germany. The Autogyro Cavalon's interior is spacious and well equipped, and it offers up to five hours of flight time Autogyro Australia is the importer of the German designed and manufactured best selling MTOclassic and Sport 2017, Calidus and Cavalon autogyros. Built for the 21st Century, the MTOclassic, Sport 2017, Calidus and Cavalon are a combination of astonishing performance, factory-built dependability and reliable Rotax power AutoGyro, the world market leader in the field of gyroplanes, 1 Cavalon 914 in Oryx white metallic and beige leather comfort seats - discount A$ 15.000. thats a huge saving, and a once only offer. offer ends sunday the 9th october 2016. please ask us for a detailed quote

Note: Located at the entrance of the Sámara Regional Airport, this AutoGyro is the emblem of the Hub of Autogyro Tours CR, the main and authorized distributor of these small helicopters. [Coordinates: 9.903496, -85.549456 The Cavalon has a range of 650 km at a speed of 145 km/h; the max speed is 160 km/h. Over 150 Cavalon gyroplanes have already been produced. On 17 April 2017, AutoGyro Cavalon c/n V00290 was registered PH-4P8 in the Netherlands. The 2018-built Cavalon PH-4P8 is powered by a 4-cytlinder 84,5 KW Rotax 914UL DCDI engine

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HNederland de eGyro. De 24 ILDESHEIM waar AutoGyro De 16,2 kW het sterke SMG een met nauwe met is contacten eGyro aangedreven heeft eerste op een uitgevoerd wordt 2.0 de een gebaseerd gyrokopter drie een verkrijgbare vlucht gevoed in Airbus - kan juni Ah. de door op lithium-ion Deze wordt 80 ontwikkeld die momenteel Duitse van kwartier door Daarmee bij met 180 de de Cavalon accu capaciteit. Hit by a gust during takeoff, went off the runway and subsequently touched the ground with the rotor. <br />The Pilot was slightly injured and the Co-Pilot seriously injured Cavalon Pro De Cavalon Pro is de eerste side-by-side autogyro. De stoelen en voetpedalen zijn individueel verstelbaar voor een optimale zit. Door de riante hoeveelheid brandstof die de Cavalon Pro mee kan nemen, heeft hij een endurance van zo'n 5 uur. Technische gegevens

Date/time Contributor Updates; 25-Apr-2020 05:19: Vaclav Kudela: Added : 25-Apr-2020 07:44: RobertMB: Updated [Time, Operator, Location, Source AUTOGYRO AUSTRALIA is the sole-importer of the German designed and manufactured best selling and legendary MTO Sport, Calidus and Cavalon gyrocopter. Please contact Oli from AUTOGYRO AUSTRALIA for more information.. With well over 1500 aircraft sold world wide, to date, MTO Sport, Calidus and Cavalon gyroplanes offer their owners stylish and innovative designs, high-tech technology.

AutoGyro GmbH (English: AutoGyro Limited) is a German aircraft manufacturer based in Hildesheim.The company specializes in the design and manufacture of autogyros in the form of fully assembled, ready to fly aircraft.. The company has had commercial success with their designs, which include a mast-mounted vibration dampening system Půjčovna vírníků AUTOGYRO Držitelům pilotní licence ULV - ultralehké vírníky nabízíme možnost pronájmu ultralehkých vírníků Autogyro MTO Sport, Calidus a Cavalon. Piloti, kteří prošli výcvikem u letecké školy FlyWay s.r.o. nejsou povinni přeškolovat se na typ, který létali při výcviku. Piloti jiných škol jsou povinni absolvovat přeškolovací kurz. Ceník.

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  1. The AutoGyro Cavalon will set you back around $94,276 (EUR65,000) - not cheap, but for the fun you get soaring through the skies, in the company of your friend or loved one should more than make up for it. Find out more about the AutoGyro Cavalon. Filed in Transportation
  2. Marin Ečo | Levec. Private ( S5-JAF) | AutoGyro Europe Cavalon. Piotr Gryzowski | Hradec Králové. Private ( OK-TWC 14) | AutoGyro Europe Cavalon. Marek Kwasowski | Gdynia- Babie Doły (Oksywie) Private ( D-MGAE) | AutoGyro Europe Cavalon. Adam Loader | Northampton / Sywell. Private ( G-YROL) | AutoGyro Europe Cavalon
  3. The AutoGyro Cavalon's cockpit can be configured in a variety of ways to suit the individual buyers needs and budget. That means the dash can come with just the bare essentials, or it can incorporate the latest GPS systems and flat-screen monitors
  4. Aviation photographs categorised as AutoGyro Europe Cavalon. Exact matches only A search for Aircraft Type of 'Boeing 737-500', If checked would find only 737-500s. If not checked could also find 737-522, 737-548 etc. A search for Photographer of 'Bloggs', If checked would find only photographers called just 'Bloggs', this would probably return no results

AutoGyro Cavalon: German Design Award winner. AutoGyro Cavalon: German Design Award winner2. AutoGyro MTO Sport. AutoGyro Calidus N800YA < > The New Calidus PC. Type Certificated. Built in Germany. Ready for Flight Schools! The Training. Train in your AutoGyro or ours AutoGyro Cavalon Cijena: od 95.000 EUR do 120.000 EUR. Za sve informacije vezane za gyrocopter AutoGyro Cavalon kontaktirajte nas Date: 04-AUG-2020: Time: 16:17: Type: AutoGyro Cavalon: Owner/operator: Registration Pending: Registration: N635BC: C/n / msn: V00320: Fatalities: Fatalities: 0. The AutoGyro Cavalon build and assembly instructions, the 25- and100-hour condition inspection checklists, the maintenance manual instruction, and the AutoGyro Pilot Operating Handbook provide instructions for inspection of the flight control connections AutoGyro Calidus . AutoGyro Cavalon. The cavalon is the newest addition to the AutoGyro line-up. Once again the design of the aircraft is a complete switch-up from what had been done before. The first key difference is the seating, with the Cavlaon being the first aircraft in this range to have the pilot and their passenger seated side-by-side

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  1. Jan 25, 2015 - Explore Robert Moulinneuf's board cavalon autogyro, followed by 184 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about aircraft, helicopter, aviation
  2. The Autogyro Cavalon is a German autogyro, designed and produced by AutoGyro GmbH in Germany. It was introduced at Aero Friedrichshafen in 2011. The aircraft is supplied as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft and is distributed by Rotorsport UK based at Wolverhampton Business Airport, Halfpenny Green
  3. The Cavalon has a range of 650 km at a speed of 145 km/h; the max speed is 160 km/h. Over 100 Cavalon gyroplanes have already been produced. On 25 July 2014, AutoGyro Cavalon c/n V00166 was registered PH-4L5 in the Netherlands with Autogyro Nederland B.V. as operator

Find the perfect autogyro cavalon stock photo. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. No need to register, buy now Aviation Photo #2312528 AutoGyro Cavalon - Greif Air [ Medium Large] Tweet. This photo is copyright protected and may not be used in any way without proper permission. 1,962 of 2,686 1,962 of 2,686 Sponsor Message Sponsor Message. Cavalon. The Autogyro Cavalon is a German autogyro, designed and produced by AutoGyro GmbH of Hildesheim. It was introduced at the 2011 Aero show in Friedrichshafen. The aircraft is supplied as a complete ready-to-fly-aircraft Cavalon Gyrocopter Cavalon - the dawn of a new era: The first side-by-side gyroplane of AutoGyro is a real masterpiece in design, technique and innovation and overcomes all restrictions and limits. Seated side by side it presents its pilot and passenger an incomparable dimension and comfort 2016 Cavalon by Autogyro. Rotax 914 turbo with Big Bore Kit. Cylinders are precision CNC machined from billet blanks of space-grade aluminum

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Cavalon Pro Op 15 april 2015 heeft de UK CAA het type certificaat op basis van ICAO voor de Cavalon Pro afgegeven. Daarmee is de gecertificeerde moderne autogyro een feit!! Dit is een grote mijlpaal in de (korte) geschiedenis van Auto Gyro GmbH. Voor het eerst is er nu een autogyro waarme AutoGyro Europe Cavalon : D-MWSS: AutoGyro Europe MTOsport : D-MYFP: AutoGyro Europe Calidus : I-6216: Heli-sport CH-7 Kompress : OK-WWC 43: AutoGyro MTOsport : OK-WWC 46: AutoGyro MTOsport : PH-4N9: AutoGyro Europe MTOsport: Autogyro Nederland bv : Een rijtje AutoGyro Europe MTOsport gyrocopters Tato stránka je věnována vírníku AutoGyro Cavalon registrace OK-AWC 92 a výrobního čísla . Jsou zde uvedeny základní informace i o výrobci a provozovateli At Barnstormers.com, gyrocopters for sale by owners cost anywhere from $9,000 for a Dominator-style gyrocopter to as high as $125,000 for a 2012 Auto Gyro Cavalon, according to the classified ads active at the time of this writing. According to the PRA.org, gyroplanes can be built from plans for less than $10,000 and about twice as much for single-place gyroplane kits The Autogyro Cavalon. Autogyro Australia. Autogyro News. AutoGyro GmbH Hildesheim Restructuring. by Willi | Dec 5, 2020 | News. Dear Auto-Gyro pilots, The onset of COVID has slowed and effected the aircraft industry worldwide not just gyroplanes but all manufacturing of all industries

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The Autogyro Cavalon Gyrocopter Canopy/Nose Cover helps reduce damage to the upholstery and avionics caused by excessive heat and can eliminate problems caused by leaking door and window seals. They keep the windshield and window surfaces clean and help prevent vandalism and theft.. N232PG - CLON - AutoGyro Cavalon - AirNav RadarBox Database - Live Flight Tracker, Status, History, Route, Replay, Status, Airports Arrivals Departure A gyrocopter (also called autogyro) is a rotary-wing aircraft that flies by means of autorotation. Unlike a helicopter, the rotor of a gyrocopter is not powered directly by a motor, but turns by the action of the relative airflow on the blades. The first flying autogyro was invented in Spain in1923 by Juan de la Cierva, but it was soon superseded by the invention of the helicopter Cavalon Gyrocopter by AutoGyro GmBh. Seated side-by-side, the Cavalon presents its pilot and passenger with space and freedom. For sale starting at $80,000 USD. Price: USD 80000 Learn more

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  1. From £149 per hour. Enclosed Cockpit (Magni M24, Calidus, Cavalon) From £190 per hour. Note: Prices vary per location depending upon the exact configuration of the Gyroplane and operating costs. Extended briefings and groundschool. £54 per hour. Dual Instruction in your Gyrocopter. From £95 per hour
  2. On the listings below you can find a selection of some pre-loved Gyrocopters with technical information and their history. These gyrocopters are all presented on behalf of their private owners, hence Byron Bay Gyrocopters can not take any responsibilities for incorrect information and the airworthiness of these Gyrocopters
  3. Welcome to the international gyrocopter training school. Based in Sweden we deliver excellent flight training, tailored to your needs. All around the world. The pilots are trained using the English syllabus and we use the English book, How to fly a new generation gyrocopter by Phil Harwood
  4. Cavalon 914 turbo Demonstrator is up for sale. ! huge saving! condition like new, loaded with options. please ask us for a detailed list. skyranchoffice@gmail.co
  5. AutoGyro America. An ultralight, flown by one of our experienced pilots, takes you on an unforgettable tour over ocean, beaches and jungle. If this ultralight tour draws your interest, let us train you to become an ultralight pilot yourself

D-MHJP - CLON - AutoGyro Cavalon - AirNav RadarBox Database - Live Flight Tracker, Status, History, Route, Replay, Status, Airports Arrivals Departure Cavalon in het nieuws Zoals in de vorige nieuwsbrief aangekondigd is er de afgelopen maanden veen aandacht geweest voor de eerste geregistreerde fabrieks-gebouwde Autogyro in Nederland, de Cavalon PH-4L5. In het maandblad van AOPA stonden maar liefst 6 bladzijden over de Autogyroschool opgenomen. Hieronder staat een kopie

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AutoGyro GmbH. February 23 ·. While by now spring is spoiling us with the most beautiful sunshine, some days ago we were still covered in snow. Otmar took these stunning photos from his Cavalon capturing the Brocken in the Harz mountains and the amazing sunset scenery

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